Taken 2021 by Kyle

About me

I work at Shopify as a Senior Staff Product Designer. I help teams in our Deliver product line ship approachable and efficient tools for merchants to manage their orders and inventory. I also spend a lot of time helping crafters grow their product design and critical thinking skills.

A few years earlier, I led the redesign of Shopify’s icon ecosystem across web and multiple mobile apps. The end result was a visually unified and streamlined library of icons unique to Shopify. I also wrote comprehensive construcion documentation, empowering teams to contribute to the system independently of me.

In 2020 I worked with a few people at Shopify to design and build a COVID exposure notification mobile app. The open-source framework is now the offical exposure notification app of Canada.

I live in Ottawa with my wife, daughter and Husky.


Gauntlet – If you play Magic: The Gathering in any format, you should use this app.

Habitally – An accountability app (in development).

Dig – A card game (in development).

Spell Mastery – A YouTube channel (in development).

I also used to maintain several popular icon libraries (Batch and Climacons) but those–and most of my other side projects–have been retired so I have space for new things.


I’m into Yoga, Photography1, Magic: The Gathering, Dota 2 and making stuff in 3D. Vegan and alcohol-free since 2017.

About this site

I built this with Jekyll. It’s hosted on Github. The typeface is IBM Plex Sans served by Google Fonts.

As of 05.16.2021 there are no analytics trackers on this site.

  1. I have a couple of cameras I use regularly. Pentax ME Super for film, Canon 5D with a Canon 24-70mm ƒ/2.8L lens for digital and a Teenage Engineering I-1 for polaroids.