Sessions will no longer be recorded

I’ve decided not to record sessions moving forward. This may seem counter-intuitive to what I set out to achieve with #OpenMentorship but there are some reasons that have emerged which I feel justify this decision.

Before each Skype call, I ask whoever it is I’m about to speak with if they’re OK with me recording and uploading our session. I make it super clear it’s their decision and I’m cool with whatever. Without fail, there is some typing, then a pause, some more typing, more pauses before an answer. It seems like there’s some internal dialogue going on, regardless of the answer.

Meeting someone new is hard, especially if you’re coming to them for help or guidance. It’s a very vulnerable situation for most, and I want to respect that. People have been worried about their accents and excuse their proficiency with English or design knowledge. Suddenly, it’s not just them and me. It’s them and we.

They’re looking for guidance, not an audience.

Sessions that are heavily feedback oriented are also a bit weird to listen to, as there’s no context to what we are discussing in most cases.

Adding to these matters is the time overhead involved in getting a session online. Each one takes about 20-25 minutes to edit, adjust levels, export and upload to SoundCloud. That’s time I could put towards speaking to someone, which I’d rather do.