Climacons: 75 climatically categorised pictographs for web and user interface designers.

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Climacons is a lovingly crafted collection of weather icons available in PSD, EPS, Fireworks PNG and SVG formats.

Many of the icons have a second design option, and any cloud-based icons have three states: plain, day and night giving you more options than you can shake a stick at.

Climacons by Adam Whitcroft

Climacons are now also available through The Noun Project.

There is a curated Dribbble Bucket showcasing all of the designs using Climacons which have been posted on Dribbble.

The RSPCA or the Guide Dogs would benefit from a donation far more than I would, so please consider giving to them instead.


You are free to use any of the Climacons Icons (the "icons") in any personal or commercial work without obligation of payment (monetary or otherwise) or attribution, however a credit for the work would be appreciated. Do not redistribute or sell the complete icon set (either in existing or modified form) and do not claim creative credit.

Intellectual property rights are not transferred with the download of the icons.


Climacons by @adamwhitcroft.


@christiannaths for generating and curating Climacons Font.
@optimiced for generating the Fireworks PNG format.