I’ve spent the past 6-and-a-bit years designing websites, icons and web apps. This year, however, I’d like to spend my downtime exploring new design disciplines like lettering and illustration. This is not to say I’ve lost interest in what I currently do — far from it — I’m just looking to grow as a designer.

You can follow me on Twitter, drop me an email or read about how I got into design in an interview I did with The Industry not too long ago.

If you’re interested in learning about my process when it comes to icon design, I’ve recently done a class for Skillshare on the subject titled ‘Icon Design: Create a Cohesive Icon Set’.


I take on select freelance work — current availability of up to 10 hours a week — so if you want to work together let’s get talking!


Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram and most recently Behance.

Side Projects

Batch, Climacons, City Icons for Offscreen Magazine, Wirekit, Apaxy and Proto.