A South African born designer living in the United Kingdom with my beautiful wife. I’ve released several well known icon projects1 alongside other open source design helpers2, taught a successful Skillshare3 course and was interviewed by The Industry4 a little while back.

Currently at Shopify, doing what I can to make commerce better for everyone.

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble & GitHub.

Open mentorship

Following this tweet I’ve set aside an hour every Wednesday open to anyone looking for guidance or mentorship. Select a 30 minute slot and let’s talk about anything you want, no strings attached.

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  1. Batch, Climacons and City Icons for Offscreen Magazine.

  2. WireKit and Apaxy.

  3. “Icon Design: Create a Cohesive Icon Set” on Skillshare. If you’re curious about my approach to icon design, this short course might interest you. I cover the full process from conceptualisation to realisation using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

  4. “An interview with Adam Whitcroft” on The Industry.